Week 26 Recap: Growth Spurt!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Theme-ing it up at 26 weeks

Another growth spurt this week! After a few days in a row of stretching, tight skin and an overall uncomfortable feeling, I wasn't a bit surprised when the scale said I'd gained 3 pounds in one week. It's amazing what packing on a few lbs in a short period of time can do to your movement and stamina.  In what felt like overnight bending down became difficult, climbing stairs a little slower, and rolling out of bed needed a tad more effort. (Thank goodness for hubby's strong arms to help pull me up off the couch!) The belly button is more flat, a smattering of acid reflux has started during the night, and my feet are the tiniest bit swollen. All new symptoms that I'm taking as my welcome into the final stretch. Three more months until we meet our little lady!

Amidst my final week of the "golden trimester", we celebrated Labor Day/Alex's birthday weekend with a 90's video vixen theme party and a little end of summer camping. Getting in and out of a tent at seven months pregnant is "fun", shall we say? ;) Actually, it was a wonderful trip. Aside from dark, middle of the night treks to the ladies room, it was great to breathe some fresh air and spend time with friends away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The weather and scenery were lovely, we ate like kings, and a short work week helped us ease back into reality.

Alex's "practice baby" birthday gift from friends. 


  1. What a fabulous weekend and a gorgeous bump!

  2. You look so great in a bikini whilst preggers. I was such a hot mess! Happy birthday Alex!


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