Week 27 Recap: Winding Down

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

27 weeks
Not my beer. :)

We've been trying to enjoy the last bits of summer before the weather turns cool. Last weekend we spent a day on the lake with friends but had an otherwise low key week. My energy has dipped a little again and it seems like nature's way of winding me down. I don't feel the need to nap, there's just not a lot extra to expel. Hopefully, it's storing up for what's to come!

Sneaking in a belly kiss. 

When the music moves you...

Preggoland updates this week:

  • Her kicks are getting so strong! As in, they startle me sometimes, even when I'm expecting them. I love feeling her wiggle and squirm in there and am always trying to figure out her habits - does that movement after dinner mean she liked it, or not?! Do her 5:00am tosses and turns means she's a future morning person? (I'm sure both of these are meaningless and totally normal, but it's fun to pretend they're part of her personality.)
  • We started our birth class series, the first of twelve. We both love the teacher and feel like it's going to be a great learning experience for us. I'm still totally amazed at the science of baby growing. When you think about how miraculous pregnancy, labor, and delivery are, it's kind of mind blowing. (Here's a great quote about that.)
  • I'm missing some of my favorite shoes. I'm not sure if my feet are a little swollen, have grown, or both, but luckily open toes are still an option at this point. I could very well be in tears when we do our winter closet swap. (Fingers crossed these still fit!) Speaking of shoes, bending to buckle them is getting more and more difficult. I always thought a pregnant belly would sort of squish more, but nope, it's creative twists and back bends at this point.
  • The mood swings have tapered off. I might have a moment here or there but basically feel mentally normal again, thank goodness. Speaking of "normal", I'm not really sure what that is anymore. I don't totally feel like myself (more like a ninety-year-old when I'm climbing stairs) and I can't really remember what life was like before frequent trips to the bathroom, fretting about swallowing daily horse pills, and working around this large bump became the norm. My how things change. 
Lucky 13 weeks to go! 

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