Happy Birthday Patrick Swayze

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Today is Patrick's birthday and although he's no longer with us (*tears*) I'm still celebrating. Let's reminisce together, shall we? (This works better if you have "She's Like the Wind" playing in the background.)

  Photos via Google Images and People.com

If you can handle more tears, click through Patrick and Lisa's love story.

I highly recommend reading his book, 'The Time of My Life". Or better yet, listen to it on audiobook so you can hear his voice :) I must admit, I bought them both shortly after he passed and it took me months to finish only because I couldn't bear to get to the end. His strength and pure determination were amazing. 

Next up - I want to devour the full series of North and South.

Happy Birthday in Heaven Patrick!!

What's your favorite Patrick memory?? Do tell!!


  1. Dirty Dancing was one of those movies i watched over and over and over again as a lil girl - i thought he was BEYOND! ..

  2. i think ghost came out in 1990, the year i was born. i remember growing up that ghost is one of my mom's all-time favorites.

    <3, Mimi

  3. Who wasn't in love with Patrick in Dirty Dancing, I mean honestly he was the ultimate man! And Ghost? Lots of tears, and of course the fantastic clay scene. Sigh.
    You will love North and South, I was obsessed with it, one of the all time best miniseries.

  4. I loved that guy. When he passed I cried seeing all the interviews and such. It was like losing a piece of my own youth.

    Point Break lives in my mind as one of the best ever. It is quintessentially California and he was so great in that flick. I've watched it at least 50 times.


  5. Although I saw Dirty Dancing again after he passed, my fave is 'Ghost'. It's also nice to know he was a good guy and great hubby!!

  6. what a terrible loss... my fave has always been Point Break... too good!!!

  7. So sad....
    I love that horse picture.... what a spirited man!

  8. I can't believe I missed his birthday! For a moment I thought, wait... he's not really gone, is he? Then it hit me again all over and now I'm still a little in shock.

  9. awww...dirty dancing is still to this day my ALL time favorite movie...I could probably recite the whole thing!
    New follower!
    Come stop by Lilac and Grey sometime :)

  10. I must admit, sharing a birthday with Mr Swayze has always been a proud piece of personal trivia. I can't think of a single Swayze movie we don't love-Roadhouse, Dirty Dancing-he was wonderful to watch.

  11. Awww I miss him : ) My fave memory of course is Johnny Castle - Dirty Dancing changed my life...such a great movie. I also like Road House...Great post!!

    XOXO -

  12. Just stumbled onto your blog and am enjoying perusing all of your posts. Love this one... was a big fan of PS. Don't think I could decide my fave between Dirty Dancing, Point Break and Ghost.


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