Week 24 Recap: The Best Is Yet To Come

Monday, August 18, 2014

I am majorly in love with this shirt.

Since singing this song to Alex at our wedding, anything insinuating that even better is coming down the pipeline is special in my book. Once this top was spotted, my brain took about half a second to deem it a must have. It's not maternity, but luckily roomy enough and tunic length (I actually have it tucked under a little here) because life simply couldn't go on without it.

 24 weeks

Tee - Forever21 /  Jeans - H&M / Shoes - Seychelles / Bracelet - BGBG
Sunglasses - Sears / Lips - Clinique

Preggo life was wonderfully uneventful this week, besides our midwife appointment confirming a healthy heartbeat (140 beats per minute) and a spot on fundal measurement (24 centimeters). My upper back is still bothering me but this video in the mornings seems to help. Our little lady is the size of an ear of corn, which sounds so delicious every time I think of it, and she weights approximately one pound. My appetite is still pretty normal, although certain foods taste better than ever, especially savory sweets. We also started our registry and it was hilarious. I hope our girl finds her dad as funny as I do.

Have a lovely week!

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