Week 23 Recap: Weeknight Walkabouts

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Isn't he glowing?
No bump pic in week 23, we were slackers! 

Well, another week down and only seventeen to go. Hey time, slow down, would ya? I've still got tons of studying to do before we reach the end of pregnancy and the beginning of parenting...

Last week was made for lots of walks around the 'hood. We live near Loyola University and its beautiful campus set on Lake Michigan, which just so happens to feature the best bunny spotting for our weeknight walkabouts. These evening strolls, that could also be known as "Walk and Talks" since they help us reconnect at the end of the day, are something I look forward to on the regular. (We don't really call them that, it just flowed out of my fingers as I was typing...) Despite being within city limits there's a nature vibe in the area that's calming and rejuvenating for me; the water views, pretty flowers, and baby bunny spotting along the way - it's a wonderful chance to step away from devices and daily life. Plus the exercise (if you can call it that) is a nice bonus. Given that these jaunts are so much a part of our summer (even winter!) routine I was a bit surprised to realize that we'd never actually documented them. Maybe because they're somewhat of a sacred "live in the moment" tradition. But considering we won't always reside nearby and are bound miss our sunset saunters someday, we decided to carry along the camera just this once and capture some of the beauty we're so fortunate to enjoy. Walk with us!

And here's what's new in pregnant-ville.

  • Back pain. Ugh. Sitting is the worst. Prenatal yoga seems to be helping though. #thankful
  • Alex rubs my belly and points it out to people constantly. "Have you met my wife? And this is my baby!" as he motions to the bump. It's so endearing and sweet. I'm amazed at how much deeper our relationship feels already, there's like this unbreakable connection that's not new, but so much more intense and neither one of us can explain it. 
  • I've become a plate cleaner. If it's on there, I'll finish it. 
  • The belly button has almost popped. I've always had sort of a halfsie button (half innie, half outie) so I figured this would happen sooner actually, I give it another week or 2, and boom!
  • I've been surprised by how genuinely interested men are in the whole pregnancy thing. Don't get me wrong, women are great, because they just get it. But the male attentiveness was unexpected. From the cafeteria guys at work asking, "So, what does she want to eat today?" to strangers just being helpful, it seems like daily I encounter a male with some sort of comment or question. I don't mind though, the conversation is actually kind of nice! Several new dads have given some great advice that I've yet to hear elsewhere, and the guy perspective is quite interesting. 

Lately I've been feeling even more grateful for this pregnancy experience. I can't really say why, just that more pinch me moments are happening. Maybe because the belly keeps right on growing and sometimes when I pass a mirror it stops me in my tracks that there's a real, live baby in there. Or perhaps because symptom wise I feel pretty normal so it's easy to forget until someone asks how I'm feeling or how far along I am, then it hits me, "Holy crap, that's right, I'm growing a tiny human. What a freaking miracle!" Even on the days that my back hurts so bad I'm hunched over and could burst into tears, I make myself remember that my body is only her temporary home for a little while longer and for every knife stabbing spine pain I endure, at some other point that day I'll also get to enjoy her many little kicks and flutters. I'm really trying hard not to take a single day for granted. I'm so thankful for feeling good, for having healthy baby reports so far, and for the ability to enjoy this process rather than resent it.  I know pregnancy can be/become difficult, I still have a way to go, and my luck could change at any moment so it felt like the time to put my gratitude out into the world before I change my mind. (Just kidding. ;)

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