Week 22 Recap: 11 Year Anniversary!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our eleven year anniversary happened to fall this week so baby girl got to celebrate with us. Even though she's not technically here yet, it's fun having her along for our adventures in utero. Since we normally travel for our anniversary we decided to do a Chicago stay-cation this year and it ended up being one of the most incredible yet. Things seemed to fall into place in that way that you can't just plan. We used our favorite travel credit card points to book the W Hotel - Lakeshore - it's the city's only lakefront hotel, it's just been remodeled, and it's fabulous. We were kindly upgraded to a larger, water facing room and a few hours later the staff sent champagne, goodies, and anniversary wishes to our door. It was the sweetest surprise and really started our stay off special! Normally when we travel we spend very little time in the hotel room, but with a comfortable layout (also known as, "where's my robe?"), modern decor, and a gorgeous view (plus maybe being five and half months pregnant) we were content to lounge for a few hours before dinner.

We've spent many hours in the Playpen so it was fun to get a view from the other side.  

We dined downstairs and forgot to ask someone to snap a picture so we staged this one in our room just before the Navy Pier fireworks started. Over the years I've watched this show from several great spots in the city but I have to say, the 26th floor was my favorite to date.

In the morning, Alex woke up long enough to snap this Sunday sunrise photo from our room and we slept in for a few more hours before brunching, trekking around downtown, and journeying back home.

More baby girl updates this week:
  • She's kicking on the regular and I'm kind of obsessed. I could seriously lay and watch/feel it constantly. Everyone says, "just wait" (which drives me nuts... I CAN just wait, thankyouverymuch) so I'm enjoying each little nudge and flutter, even the ones to the bladder that send me running to the nearest ladies, before they get harder and maybe painful.
  • We talked a lot about baby names and Alex's main requirement is for her name to be so lovely that when you say it, it melts your heart. No pressure... ;)
  • We also talked about what kind of personality she might have, what she might look like, and what we want her to learn from us. I hope she gets his entrepreneurial spirit, and he hopes she gets my kindness. I might have teared up a little at that point. Okay, teared up a lot.
  • I literally have 5 things to wear. 
Hope your week was happy!


  1. I love this update Ash Bash. You guys are so cute to watch morph into a little family. Hey - when are you gonna pick up your baby fashion loot?

    1. Thanks, missy! We have good role models in you & Jack :) Don't know... we need to pull out the calendars! #excited

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary! Great photos, looks like you two (I mean THREE) had a great time! Can't wait to see photos of your baby girl when she makes her entrance ; )

  3. The fireworks looks stunning!

  4. You are looking lovely! We did a staycation my 7th or 8th month and it was great to relax in the last moments as a 2 member family. Kicks are the best so enjoy them!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  5. What a perfect way to celebrate! You look absolutely stunning.


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