Thanksgiving at Home

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last month, I got in the spirit of seasonal decorating and went all out for Halloween. This month, I switched it up just a bit for a Fall / Thanksgiving feel. (Which basically means I made some pom pom garland to string around in various spots.) Apparently my new favorite thing is to adorn the gallery wall. I think Charles (my deer) appreciates the effort.

Tomorrow's the big day, so I'll be putting on my apron this afternoon to get started in the kitchen. Happy Black Wednesday friends!

On another note, we made it back from our road trip. Thanks to everyone who followed along via Instagram! If you missed the fun you can find all the pics and stories at #LongestShortestRoadTripEver :)


  1. I love the garland! I need something like that on my mantle.

  2. That stag head is just beyond awesome - I love seeing it pop up in your photos.

    Courtney ~

  3. You made these pom poms? Teach me!

  4. LOVE this gallery wall–what a kick in the pants to get mine started!


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