Fall 2012 Cosmetics Trend Show

Friday, September 21, 2012

Another fall, another fun beauty season! For the past 3 years I've attended the Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend Show to get the scoop all things makeup and skin care for one of my favorite beauty seasons. With trends illustrated through an interactive runway show, giveaways galore and product specials like no other, I'm always on the edge of my seat snapping photo's, taking notes, and soaking it all in.

2012's theme featured Iconic Beauty and the major takeaway's were:

Stunning Skin - By now, we've heard it a million times... a beautiful face starts with a clean palette. While we might have it memorized by the now, the idea will never go out of style. With help from cleansing tools like cult fave Clarisonic, deep penetrating serums and diamond dust exfoliators it's never been easier to achieve near perfect skin.

Ombre Eyes - Last year I went gaga for this trend, even purchasing the coolest eye shadow I've ever owned. This year, the look is still a hit with some slight variations and a more refined, clean feel. From deep and smoky to lightly layered, it's achieved by gradually adding color and creating an ombre look that works for you. If you usually shy away from dark eye colors try a softer version, using beige's and browns to add depth, or shades of gray to create subtle drama. Other great color combo's include blues/navy's, and rusts/olives.

Color Saturated Lips - This fall, it's all about finding a red that works for you. Most brands carry multiple shades now as they've heard us scream "there is no one size fits all when it comes to red!" Once you've nailed the reds, it's time to try berry. With burgundy's, the ideal look is elegant wine stained lips, think cabernet, bordeaux, shiraz (pass the glass!) I recently purchased this in Rebel and a drugstore version here. Both are berries at each end of the spectrum - one is a rich, glossy combo, the other a stain, yet, equally bold and trend appropriate for harvest season!

How will you be wearing fall's beauty trends, any you're particularly excited about?

P.S. Check out my coverage of the 2011 and 2010 events. It's fun to see how much (or little) trends change!


  1. Fabulous skin is always pretty, but I've been recreating the runway look from Burberry lately–I love it for fall!

  2. oh you know I loved seeing this!! i could talk makeup all day. Speaking of, I've not tried the new Too Faced fiber lash, because fibers aggravate my eyes horribly. But I would try if I could!

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