Familiar Pillows

Monday, March 5, 2012

Ain't that the truth.

Currently my head is resting on a NYC hotel pillow for a few days, arriving back to Chicago just in time for the big event on Wednesday (are you coming??) In the meantime, here are a few of my previous posts you may have missed about the Big Apple (I still love this moving image), travel tips (this one's popular on Pinterest!) and an outfit from SoHo.

Speaking of travel, anyone have any fun spring break plans? Even though this winter has been amazingly mild, I'm so craving warm weather, sunshine and the smell of salt water!


  1. You poor thing–you must be so ready for your pillow! Hope you're having fun in the Big Apple!

  2. Have fun in NYC, girl! Home is such a great thing when you've been gone!

  3. haha! this post feels so appropriate. i am so traveled out and *thrilled* to be in nashville at my parents house in my old bedroom with familiar pillows. :) and that cow print is ready for you darlin!

  4. I love that pillow cover.

    It was SO nice to see you on Wednesday. You definitely have to visit me in New York over the summer. I'm feeling a lunch next week (when I'm on spring break).



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