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Friday, February 17, 2012

My current to do lists. Yes, lists.

The good news is that you have a lot going on. The bad news is that you have a lot going on.
-my horoscope this week

It seems like simplifying (or a version of it...streamlining, minimizing, downsizing) is the word on everyone's lips lately. We're busier than ever - which can be a blessing and a curse. My word of the year is 'cleansing' and I'm reminding myself of that before I take on any new projects, commitments, accept invitations or make product purchases. That's not to say I'm going hermit, just the way I remember to focus on what matters and why it matters. Since many of us are in the same busy boat so I thought it might be nice to share some sites and stories that I'm enjoying and have been helpful for me recently.

I really can't say enough about Michael and his site so here's a bit to get you going:
  • Start by Creating a Life Plan. How can we get to where we want to be if we don't even know what we want? It's not about how to get more done, it's about doing what's important to your plan and forgetting the rest. 
  • Make sure you're signed up for the daily email. It's the first one I read in the mornings. Subjects range from leadership, productivity, and social media among other things and I'm always enlightened. 
  • If you're a list maker you'll love this. I recently started the 'priority tag' method and it's changing my productivity immensely. 

Jess is a wonder woman in my book - a Chicago based jewelry designer, blogger and business consultant. Though our path's haven't crossed in person yet I hope that day comes soon and after browsing MML I'm sure you'll wish for that, too. Whether you're looking to live with less, design a life with intention or launch a small business - the resources you'll find here will be a huge asset. If you're new, start with the 'Best Of' and be sure to check out my personal fave - what to do when you don't know your purpose yet.

This is my go to for anti-extreme minimalist tips and insight. Browse the Benefits of Minimalism to spark your curiosity and How to Live With Less Stuff for some truths and tips.

If you're on the simplicity path, I'm confident you find some helpful nuggets within these sources. I am, by far, not where I want to be in terms of managing my schedule, commitments and productivity. It's a work in progress, always changing and will never be perfect so if you have any tips, trick or favorites I would to hear them! What sites or resources have you found helpful in managing your dreams/goals/life?


  1. Well you know I'm on board with this... I have been trying to set a weekly goal to do something to simplify, streamline, or cleanse, and have found that putting it out on the blog helps me stay accountable... but it's definitely a long journey, and I have a long way to go! (Popping over to check out this priority tab method now :)

  2. Good post! Hard to simplify when everyone's stuff is your priority - I'm talking to you clients! Will have to check these out!

  3. LOVE this post–just what I needed this week! I decided to shut down my work browser until Tuesday!

  4. We could all use a little more simplicity in our lives eh? Love those blogs as well...they help put things into perspective. Hope you are having a productive weekend!

  5. always helpful to have more resources!!! Thanks for sharing. I love the view of your desk too :)

  6. Some really great ideas on these blogs!! I am a list-maker, too, and may have to adopt the A/B/C/D method of prioritizing my "to-do" lists. Love it! Thanks for sharing!


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