A Mini Fashion Week Roundup

Friday, February 24, 2012

Overlooking NYC from the rocks in Central Park last fall. 

Despite that winter is back (boo) we've got a big weekend lined up - a mardi gras themed trolley party, a jewelry/blogger brunch, a beer and chili tour, and some spring-ish cleaning (fridge, closets, inbox!). Life is hectic at the moment - preparing for meetings, travel and events (oh my!) so I still haven't caught up on fashion week coverage! (double boo.)

Here are a few New York Fashion Week links I'm loving so far though -

"Only four?" you quip. Like I said, I'm behind... send me your faves, pretty please! What are you loving/loathing?

P.S. Unrelated to Fashion Week but equally exciting, my favorite blogger on the planet created some fabulous hair tutorials - check it.

P.P.S. Thank you sooo much for your sweet words about Callie yesterday, they meant the world and made me feel as best a girl can. xoxo


  1. Oh great, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow for brunch! :)

  2. Agreed! Loving me some embellished sheers, and I think I might have to invest in some metallic leather while I'm at it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i haven't even gotten into Fashion Week this year. I'm exhausted with other things and honestly, I feel like it will just make me want to go shopping, haha. But from what I've seen - I liked them. But I can't really give much input.

    Off to look at the hair tutorial. I always love those.

  4. I am loathing non pop up comment boxes (not you dear, you have it going on! ;). I hate reloading a blog then scrolling down to find the next post. So. lazy.


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