Spring Trend

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm excited to be participating in my first ever {Fashion Beauty Friend Friday} hosted by Katy of Modly Chic. The topic is Spring trends we're looking forward to this season so let's jump right in!

Trend is a interesting word. There are trends, then there are really classic things that come back 'round as trends. There are trendsetters as well as trend avoiders. Trend right or sooo last year. What I've noticed about myself over the years, is that I'm sort of a trend extremist - approaching with caution in some cases, wild abandon in others. (I shunned Uggs and faux fur vests, but succumbed to nail art and tiny bow overload.)  In the end, my selections are based on items I love no matter who says it's 'trendy' or not, but lucky for me - this season I naturally in love with tons of 'trend'!!

1. Red Pants.
So French girl. So chic. So want.

Beautiful bondage for your feet. In a great neutral to go with said pants.

3. Coral Lips.
A la J.Crew - it's spring after all and nothing brightens the face like a vacation inspired hue.

A tiny strand peeking out of a pony or swirling around in waves.
Yeah, we went from French girl to hippie but that's how I roll! (Via here.)

5. Maxi skirts.
Preferring skirts and loose bottoms to shorts in the warmer months anyway, I see this being my new linen pant of sorts. And who better to do flowy than Free People - 1, 2, 3.

So...what are you embracing (or shunning??) this season?  Happy Spring!
Want more spring trend? Visit Modly Chic for a round up!


  1. I have 2 more places for feathers for you: Marianne Strokirk (either locale) or Mera.



  2. Ooooh, big yes to red pants, that's actually a big thing every spring/summer here in New England, Nantucket Reds, although they have to be faded almost to pink to be "legit", haha. Love them!

    And I think I need to stock up on maxi skirts. I never really wear shorts anyway, but I especially don't enjoy bare skin touching public places when it is hot out, shudder just to think of it, so these are going to be my salvation all summer long I think.

  3. Great post Ashleigh! I'm loving the bright colored pants and coral lips for Spring. Oh, and those caged platforms are gorgeous! Want!

  4. I almost bought a pair of purple skinny jeans at goodwill yesterday. Wishing I had, I love this look!

  5. LOVE those red pants-that's one trend I'm absolutely smitten with! I go for classics with a bit of a 50s flare, so while I adore all the 70s-inspired looks, I know I wouldn't be able to pull them off very well!

  6. Johanna = love you for this!!

    Hip Hip - I'm with you on the bare skin thing, ick.

    Nikki - Bummer!! I usually allow myself to purchase items I'm wishy washy about at Goodwill b/c they're so reasonable :) Those sound awesome!

  7. I love the hair feathers thing - I so wish I was bold enough to try it!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. I love your picks! I'm definitely wanting to get a maxi skirt or dress (or both!) and I still need to try more orangey/peachy lip colors.

  9. LOVE those red pants! I used to have a pair when I was a child but never worn any since :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I like the caged platforms and maxi skirts, too. I don't have any maxis, but it seems like something that I will have to try soon.

  12. Red is soooo hottt!!! Red pants are even hotter! Speaking of which, I have red cords from GAP! Is it safe to rock them with some platforms for the spring?


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  14. I've been loving red pants and coral lips!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  15. I want said pants. Thinking they might be totally perfect for India. :)

  16. I love this whole list :) I've been sporting coral lips for a few months now...how did I ever live without it?

  17. I want red pants so bad! Like Emerson Made's, especially. I tried some on at Zara the other day but they didn't work. Maybe it's just not for me...or maybe I need to splurge in order to look good. We'll see :)

  18. I am obsessed with the J.Crew lips (what I've begun to call them). I found that Bare Minerals makes a great coral shade similar to the Nars shade they use in the catalogue that looks good on lots of skin tones. It's called "Sweet Apricot". I got mine at Ulta.


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