I See Gowns of Green, Red Roses Too.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Green is the new Golden. Globes that is....

(With Brad, for your viewing pleasure.
Tell me you caught the tie straightening?? Adorable.)

And a glowing Natalie Portman

Congrats, bebe!

Between the sea of emerald, river of ruffles and mass of one shoulder smolders, the 2011 Golden Globes provided it's usual fuel for this fashion lover's fire. Awards season is in full swing!


  1. I didn't put all the green together but you're absolutely right!
    Doesn't Natalie look sweet?!

  2. Did you like Natalie's ensemble. So much critiquing today but I really loved it. I mean, the woman is pg so clearly a snug gown is not in option but there are a lot of harsh critics out there!

  3. Honestly, I didn't love it but it had more to do with the pink/red than the shape. (That combo in formal wear is just weird to me sometimes.) There is definitely too much harshness, the silhouette is perfect for her at the moment. Pretty & drapey without being a trash bag. And hello, like to see those critics walk in 5 inch platforms while preggo!

  4. I loved all the forest green on display - it's such a wonderful color!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. i unfortunately missed the golden globes, but that's because i was at a local fashion event!
    i really love all the emerald green, it's such a flattering color. and i love seeing angelina in a color other than black!

  6. There really was a lot of emerald this year -- I wonder how those actresses felt about that. Mila's dress was my favorite of the emeralds. Natalie's I wasn't really wild about, but then nothing made my jaw drop this year.

  7. oh yes i loved the emerald green thing that was going on too! that color is so flattering especially to clear porcelain white skins!
    i still haven't decided wether i like natalie's dress though, i'm not a huge fan of big flowers on gowns...what i do love about it is that it was different!

  8. OH, I completely agree on how fabulous all of the rich, emerald shades looked on these celebs!

  9. I LOVED Catherine's gown! I wasn't a fan of Natalie Portman's dress. I think if the rose wasn't there I would be : )

  10. I absolutely LOVED those emerald gowns-so magnificent! I agreed with everyone that Natalie Portman's dress missed the mark a touch, but the shape was just right!


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