Making it in America: July 4th / Week 18 Recap

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We had a groovy weekend.

Our 4th was spent boating with friends...

...the bump was huge...

                            ...we went 'Merica inspired, hence the head coverings and neck tat...

...and the skyline was beautiful as always.

On Saturday, we attended a friend's annual BBQ which had a 70's vibe this year. 

Someone joked that if I wanted to dress as a pregnant hippie that they make pillows for that and I didn't actually have to get pregnant. But I politely reminded them that when I commit to a theme, I commit. (*wink*)

By Sunday, 'lil mama was exhausted but spending time in the sun, with friends, celebrating our nation's mid-summer holiday was worth it. Overall, I felt so much better this week. Most of the growing pains were gone, just a few here and there, which made life a lot more bearable. Baby was the size of a sweet potato and I happened to eat one for dinner nearly every night - it just tasted sooo good. I haven't any cravings (as in "I need ice cream and pickles stat!") yet, but I do have kicks where certain foods will be my favorite for a few days in a row, and luckily so far, those items haven't been too unhealthy. The farmer's markets are in full swing so we're enjoying making dinner with fresh produce (and of course, a few sweet treats from an Italian grandmother who makes the best mini cherry pies of your life).

Hope your week and weekend were wonderful!

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  1. That last picture of you is shocker there!


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