Week 21 Recap: Grandma's in Town!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Mom was in town this week and I was in absolute Heaven. Living far away means I don't get to do the day-to-day things with her, and even though we talk each morning, having her in person for ten days of girl time, catching up, and baby stuff was so special for me. There's nothing like a mother's love and I feel so lucky that we share such a bond.  I honestly don't know how I'd function without her - she's my greatest friend, biggest supporter, on-call therapist, and I can only hope to be that for our daughter someday. Now that she's back home I miss her like crazy. Thank you for a wonderful week, Mom, and all of your help and love!

21 weeks big!

In baby news, our girl's the size of a pomegranate but because my nickname is Peach we've started calling her Apricot since they look like mini peaches. She starts kicking every night around 10:30 and sometimes a little throughout the day. My pre-pregnancy clothes are getting pretty snug; roomy tops and dresses that I hoped could see me through the end of summer are suddenly not an option but maternity clothes still seem too large and ill-fitting. I can count at least three closet meltdown moments this week. Each time I try on something that'll no longer go over my hips or belly I have a mini heart attack even though I know it's only temporary (hopefully). Having your body change so rapidly is a very strange sensation. Mentality you "get it" but that doesn't mean it isn't frustrating sometimes. However, I'm trying to enjoy the curves and my newest accessory as much as I can, I only hope you guys don't get tired of looking at stretchy skirts just yet. Otherwise I'm feeling fantastic and think the nesting has begun - I've become a purging and cleaning maniac over the past few days. A friend gave me some baby name books and I bought another as well, but nothing's doing it for me so far. I have a feeling that picking her moniker is sure the be the hardest part aside from giving birth - wish us luck!

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