Spring Beauty Faves

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I recently acquired a few more "can't live without" items in my beauty repertoire that you might enjoy, too. Also wanted to mention a new favorite site... Mom turned me onto BeautySage a few months ago and so far I've been very happy with the selection and items ordered, including several of these.  Definitely worth a peek.

Now, onto the products:

Lollitint - Benefit stains are the bomb dot com.  Posietint and ChaChatint have been long time favorites and Spring 2014's new Lollitint is so Radiant Orchid inspired my inner hue guru could just squeal. For a warmer weather glow, it's absolutely lovely on cheeks and it gives lips the prettiest pop when paired with gloss.

Essie Play Date - another Radiant Orchid homage. I'm so NOT a purple gal, but something about this fresh lilac/lavender shade is right on.

Black Soap - Strange, but awesome. My face feels squeaky clean but not stripped. Use as a soap or a mask!

Rose Body Oil - I've been big on body oils since the end of last summer. After trying a few, this one definitely rose to the top (see what I did there?). Applied on damp skin, it moisturizes like a dream. The floral scent is divine; fragrant enough to please the nose, yet faint and fades quickly so it won't interfere with perfumes.

Scotch Polish Remover - This product could also be called, "the marriage saver polish remover." Technically, it's been a chiller weather beauty fave since at some point this dreadful winter I realized I couldn't torment my hubby and his sensitive smeller with traditional polish remover any longer. I took a chance on this one and holy mackerel, why'd I wait so long before trying a non-toxic version?? Spritz once or twice (trying to hit most of the fingers at once), let set a few seconds, then swipe. Fragrance free, gentle, and has saved many a mani argument. (Just be sure swipe nails with an alcohol pad before painting as it does leave an oil-like residue.)

What products are you loving lately?


  1. John just DESPISES the smell of polish remover–I've got the try the Scotch!

    1. What man doesn't?! He will LOVE you for making the switch :) The verdict is still out of how effective it is on nail stickers (haven't tried it yet) but for regular polish/glitter it's amazing!

  2. Where did you get the Black Soap? I am intrigued!

    1. Here my dear! http://www.beautysage.com/products/rose-hips-black-soap-deep-pore-face-wash-mask#. Free shipping for a limited time!


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