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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In keeping with my new years resolution to read more, here are a few books I've enjoyed lately. (Some were via Audible (it totally counts!), which is a sanity saver during long commutes.) It's also helped that we've had a long, cold and snowy winter which provided the perfect setting to curl up with blankets and a good book. Here's the scoop in small sized snips!

  • What Remains - Love, heartbreak and history all rolled in one. If you love the Kennedy family like I do, you'll enjoy this one. 
  • The Husband's Secret - Twists and turns you'll never expect. An awesome audible listen. The narrator's voice gave life to the unknowingly intertwined characters that I thoroughly enjoyed. For one week, I actually wished for traffic. My favorite of the year so far.
  • Divergent - Young adult literature for young adults of all ages. Perfect for my post-Hunger Games cravings.
  • Crazy Sexy Diet - ok this isn't a diet diet. It does contain a 21 plan, but that's just a small part of this book. More like a lifestyle read, I love Kris' friendly tone and how she breaks down nutrition in a simple way that might finally convince you to make those changes you've been pondering. 
  • Waiting to be Heard - You'll hardly believe this nightmare was someone's reality. Not guilty!

Bonus round: I read these but they're not favorites for the reasons below.

  • The Dinner - Not all books are made for Audio, and this is one of them. The narrators voice made the main character sound so whiny and over-analytical that it honestly just got on my nerves. (Not to mention I couldn't stand the way he drew out the name "Serge" like "Searrrrrrge.") Each "course" just seemed to drag on and on. I really wanted to like it but it was seriously the longest dinner of my life. 

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