Happy Weekend!

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's been quite a while since I've done a Friday link list but the internet's been so great lately I just had to share. Here are a few things that cracked me up or set off my awesome meter this week...

Kmart killed it again. (Be sure to watch this one, too.)

Target does Bridal. Is there anything they can't master? Brillant.

Google search for GIFs! I found out 15 minutes ago and have spent an equal amount of time on Falling Cats.

This salsa is getting devoured this weekend.

An insightful history of Memorial Day. Crazy how what originated as day for shop and business shut downs has morphed into a weekend of sales. Speaking of, I'm currently stalking the "Mint's", Rebecca Minkoff, and Z Gallerie.

Big hugs to my baby Mojito, who fell (jumped?) off our balcony this week. (About eight hours after I took this photo and told him he had to live forever because I love him to pieces.) All's well, but he gave us quite the scare. In other things you need to know, my babes have their own hashtag on Intsta. (Gram that is.) #AdventuresofMojitoandPetey, check it.

On a serious note, my heart is with Oklahoma after Monday's terrifying event. If this doesn't make you well up, I don't know what will.

Happy long weekend friends, hope it's fab!

P.S. One of my favorite blogger buddies had a birthday! Bon anniversaire, Johanna!

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  1. Love Target's wedding concept–now to dig into your links! Happy weekend, and glad to hear Mojito is safe!


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