Cakes in Cups

Thursday, July 29, 2010

When I was younger my birthday cake of choice was a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins. While I could never grow tired of it, this Mango cupcake by Ming is looking like a pretty darn good replacement! Who thought of this idea, cakes in a cup? Genius!

What's your birthday favorite birthday treat?


  1. That cupcake looks delicious. It looks like the perfect birthday treat. And you're right...whoever invented cupcakes is a genius!
    XO Piper

  2. That looks SO good...I thought maybe it was a carrot cupcake at first..but mango...yum!

    p.s. I have a GIVEAWAY today if you'd like to stop by!

    Julie xo

  3. yummy- gotta love cupcakes! when i was little, i always wanted ice cream cakes at my bday parties!

  4. That looks so yummy - I love mango!!!

  5. That looks amazing...Yummy:) Muah,darling

  6. Ooooooh that looks so good!!! I really have to get the cooking books out this weekend and bake up some cupcakes :)

    Laura x


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