California, Knows How to Party

Monday, June 7, 2010

It feels great to be home because being gone for 2 weeks feels like forever but I love traveling so much it doesn't hit me until I actually get home again. Working in California last week was a nice change and spending the weekend in LA with my bestie was, well, the best. Fun times in Hollywood - I'm in love with the perfect temperature, sunshine and palm trees. Of course the highlight was having my picture taken on Patrick Swayze's star on the Walk of Fame. Oh how I love him... Can't wait to show you the pic when I get all settled!

Yay for catching up on blogs - I missed you guys!

Isn't this reverse view of the Hollywood sign clever? Check out more great Hollywood sign captures here.

Back to regular posting tomorrow - yippee!


  1. ha, how fun! have been there long time ago! so great! did the Universal Tour and went to Pink's Hotdogs stand! and saw Forrest Whitaker drive by in the car, hehe!

  2. LA, sigh. Seems like it's always summer there :)

  3. Nice photo - glad you had a good trip!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. welcome back!

    looking forward to seeing some pictures!

  5. I love California so much! We toy with the idea of moving there, but I'm not sure if I would appreciate all that lovely weather if I had it all the time.

  6. Welcome back...I adore California!!! Sounds like you had a great time...Kisses!!


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