First Trimester Favorites

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Thank you so much for kind calls, comments, tweets and notes about our happy news! As thrilled as we are I won't deny that the first trimester was a challenge. I can't say it was horrible, (some might actually describe it as a breeze as far as months one through three go) just different and something to get used to. (Basically, I'm just not used to feeling like myself, and always a little "off".) From morning sickness and headaches to fatigue and emotional overwhelm, it's an adjustment physically and mentally. Best naps of my life? Check. A few out of the blue crying fits? Check. Hormones are no joke. Luckily, I've had a great (i.e. understanding) partner by my side and have also found a few can't-live-without products along the way.


Honest Company Prenatal's and Omega's - As soon as the test came back positive I spent several hours researching the necessary nutrition, vitamins and minerals and comparing the options. In the end, these won, not only for covering all the basies but also due to the organic ingredients. I absolutely loathe swallowing pills - every day it's a struggle - but knowing I'm providing a good base for our baby makes it a teensy bit easier. I carry a weekly pill organizer in my purse so I don't forget to take them each day.

Morning Sickness / Nausea / Gag Reflex:

Ginger - For the most part, my morning sickness hasn't been terrible unless my stomach gets too empty or I smell something offensive (eggs, and hubby's protein shake were the culprits) but for those random times I needed something to ease the nausea ginger was my BFF. During weeks five through eight I was never without ginger tea, ginger lemonade and ginger ale (along with crackers and sometimes cheese).

Preggie Pop Drops - when I was sick of ginger or on the go I'd pop one of these babies. They also doubled as cough drops when I got a crazy two-week cold during week seven!

Kid's toothbrush - Yep, a super small one made for kiddo's. After complaining to my mom about the pregnancy toothbrush gag (very common) she suggested this miracle. You won't believe the difference! The options are pretty limited though, be prepared to be into Princess or Cars, so I'm rocking a Belle!

Beauty / Body: 

Mother's Friend Skin Toning Oil - I can't say whether or not this is actually working yet, but I figure why not start early? I've read that stretch marks are genetic and no cream or rub can change that destiny, but my mom used this throughout her pregnancies with nary a mark so that's good enough for me. Plus, it's super hydrating so at least there's that.

Aragan Oil - Early on I gave up lots of chemically laden beauty products, especially things absorbed by the skin like body lotion and facial skin care. I wanted to use products with the fewest ingredients as possible so aragan oil became my skin savior even though I was initially terrified due to my typically oily skin. A little goes a long way!

Water bottle / Reusable Cup - Growing a baby requires lots of water. It's vital to keep the organs hydrated, the toxins flushed, and I hear it does wonders for constipation (did I really just type that on this blog?). I have a simple reusable Starbucks cup that I keep with me daily, knowing I need to down at least four refills per day. I also like this timed idea.

Naps - there is no greater sleep than pregnancy sleep. (So far. I have a feeling that won't be the case for much longer.) In the last three months I turned down more invitations and events than I can count, I've been lazier than ever before in my life, and have enjoyed cat naps likes nobody's business. From 30 minutes to 3 hours, I can rest in the afternoon and still be fast asleep by 9:30. It's incredible and very necessary.

Hair ties / rubber bands - The bloat kicked in for me pretty quick. Pants became unbutton-able by about week six. I was shocked and not ready, or quite big enough, for the maternity plunge so I looped bands around my button and long, drapey tops became my look du jour every day. The bloat disappeared around week 10 though, so I got a few more weeks out of my regular clothes.

Alright mama's that's it for this round. I'll be back with second and third trimester favorites in the future. In the meantime I would love to hear some of your favorites!

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