One and only camping this summer.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The last weekend of August I practically begged the husband for a last minute camping trip. Unpredictable weather this summer meant we hadn't found an opportunity yet and fearing fall around the corner, I felt the need to squeeze one in before we missed our chance. Impromptu planning meant our usual site was booked, and after discovering a few new, yet also unavailable places to try someday we finally found a pretty secluded spot and set up camp. Though no power outlet to blow up the air mattress (what am I, a barbarian?) in our tent, the hard ground was worth waking up to fresh air and live birds chirping. (So much better than the fake ones on my alarm.) The next day, we hit some breweries/distilleries en route for a few taste tests before heading back to the bustling city. (Journeyman is an old fave, Greenbush is a new fave, and The Livery wins for coolest building.)

Fancy a s'more? 

P.S. More camping adventures from last fall. And the summer before that.
P.P.S. Glamping. I'd like to try. 


  1. Glamping sounds amazing–but I'd sleep on the ground for that fire!

  2. Jack is dying to go to Greenbush. Good for you two!


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