Luck be a lady.

Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's been ages since my last post (lame!) and I'm popping in because it just wouldn't be right to miss an opportunity to talk about emerald. The weekend will be full of  St. Patrick's Day celebrations city wide, from the green river to bar crawls galore there's no shortage of festivities to choose from. (Proud to be Chi-rish!) If only this skirt were in my life.... I'd wear it a million ways and more. Not just because it'd come in handy on March 17th, or the fact that it's the color of the year, just because it's flippin' rad.

Have a happy one folks!


  1. Hope it was a wonderful emerald weekend!

  2. Everything is good, even much better than what I had expected, I am sure leather jackets on are made of genuine leather as it was much heavier than those jackets made of PU.


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