Last Week...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Last week was uber busy but super epic. (Warning: this might end up sounding like a brag post.)

On Monday, I met the co-owner of the "World's Greenest Restaurant" / "First Certified Organic Roof Top Farm in the Country" and listened to her speak about sustainability in business. Her thoughts are that living a green lifestyle or using sustainable products doesn't have to equal expensive and she has the research to prove it. (Translation: Maybe we can't all afford solar panels, but we can make small changes in others ways - less waste, recycling, earth friendly products.) The best part, the restaurant is right in our back door. We love walking over for last minute weekend brunches or quick weeknight dinners and it feels good supporting such a local gem!

On Wednesday, I attended an inspiring session with a long time favorite jewelry designer turned business consultant. (Her blog is a must read.) Just a group of business folks, brainstorming and sharing stories - good times. Some say the key to success is to surround yourself with like minded people - I'll definitely be hanging with this crew again!

On Thursday morning I got to be on TV. No big deal. :)

On Thursday night, as part of the Chicago Fashion Foundation, I helped host our largest (and sold out!) event to date where we awarded a lovely new designer with scholarship funds and the title of "Future of Chicago Fashion." (She was also recently inducted into a local fashion incubator program. Watch out for this one folks - she's going places.)

And now, I'm recovering...


  1. Brag away! This all sounds so deserved and awesome. How exciting!!!! I hope the recovery is going along okay :)


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