Life, lately.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I know it's been chirping crickets around here, sorry for that, but the good news is I  finally feel like I've resumed my groove of life so here's a little update on things lately. 

  • Back on a regular sleep schedule, yay! (Jet lag is a real meanie.)
  • What's up with this winter weather? It's more unpredictable than Beyoncé lip-syncing at the inauguration. (Which, bee tee double you, did you see those emeralds??)
  • Speaking of, I got one of my very own over the holidays. Thanks, lovey!
  • Hubby and I started a 10 day cleanse, (we're on day four) and so far so starving. Actually, to be honest it's not so bad. After the holidays and world eat-a-thon I was on recently it feels kind of nice. I don't like extreme's so a totally raw/soup diet/water and cayenne pepper situation this is not. And I'm hoping at the end to feel a little less sluggish and gross than when I started. Keep ya posted.
  • Loving this little tune.
  • Still sorting through pictures...

See ya around!


  1. That emerald is amazing–what a wonderful way to celebrate 10 years! You'll have to tell me more about this cleanse–John announced he's buying a juicer the other day, so we might have to join ya'll!

  2. Heck yeah, it's cold. I feel trapped in my house. Boo! Stay warm, friend!


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