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Friday, December 7, 2012

It's the mooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeear. And if you work in any form of retail, it's also the most stressful/exhausting time of the year!

My mom e-mailed this print on one of my busiest days last week and it perfectly capture's my career in one sentence. I love this always changing industry, but man is it crazy at Christmas!

It's been wild this week, as will the next one, so I apologize in advance for the disappearing act around here. Don't get me wrong, I'm completely excited and feel beyond blessed to have a busy social calendar, a job that I love in the industry that I love, an entire month of travel plans (more on that later), and the joyous holiday season ahead. But if you're like me and the of fear forgetting something is as real and akin to the fear of say, heights or spiders, then you realize the planning that goes into such situations. My spreadsheets of lists (yes, plural) rival that of the U.S. Constitution in detail. No task left behind!

Hope you're all well and I hope to be back in spurts to spread some holiday cheer. Happy weekend!

P.S. Rules for a successful holiday.


  1. oh man, i laughed out loud at that print. so perfect. good luck with all the madness!!

  2. very cute! Isn't it great when someone just gives you what you need when you're stressed? I love it. And my Stepmom loves that artist so I am quite familiar with this art.

  3. Deep breaths, right? If it makes you feel any better - I haven't started a lick of shopping.

  4. That print is genius! Happy holiday season–here's hoping you get a big glass of something strong by the end!


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