Nailing It Down

Monday, August 20, 2012

photos via Instagram, follow me @LittleAshleigh

One of the things I've enjoyed having more time for this summer is nails. From simple to stickers, for at least an hour on a Sunday afternoon you can find me on our balcony polishing away. Summer colors and just so fun! While I'm gearing up to say goodbye to neon's (maybe...) there are also a few fall trends I'm pretty pumped about: velvet, gothic berries and nudes are definitely on my radar for cooler weather. When it comes to nail trends, I'll try anything once. What about you? Have any favorite hue's or artwork you'd like to share?

P.S. A couple of links to inspire your fingers for fall here and here!


  1. Polka dots and stripes, oh my! I'm a sucker for classic reds and understated ballet pinks, but maybe I should shake things up a bit before summer ends!

  2. i use all Essie colors - every once in awhile i get Chanel or some other brand b/c of color - but i'm not so 'into' my nails like i use to be - i sorta' like them natural - but toes ALWAYS done

  3. You are so good at doing your own nails. I wish I had a steadier hand.

  4. great this post honey, i really love your nailsss


  5. Wow, you are so much more talented at doing stuff with your nails than I!

    Courtney ~

  6. i'm so bad at my nails... but I definitely appreciate well-painted ones. yours look great!


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