An Explanation

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Me, just, you know, drinking coffee on a rock. 

Well hello there, long time no blog, eh?

It's high time I pop in and explain my absence, to the best of my ability anyway. What started as a mini hiatus, turned into a much longer, unplanned one. Through a busy schedule, a beautiful summer to enjoy and a much needed break, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and now here we are. Though I'm not going to dive into all the things I've been dealing with in my personal life, I'll say this; the break I've had from the world wide web has been refreshing but I've definitely missed our interactions! (Thank goodness for instagram, which I am still totally loving.)

So, I hereby announce that I'm dipping by toes back in - little by little, bit by bit, starting with this post.  (Cue the glitter, confetti and horns!)

I hope you've all had a fantastic summer, filled with sunshine, poolside cocktails and relaxation. We've got a little left here in Chicago and I intend to make the most of it.

Cheers lovelies, see ya around sooner than later this time :)

{Hold breath, aaaaand "Publish". eeeps!}

P.S. And thank you for the emails, tweets and inquiries while I was away, you guys are the best.


  1. Glad to have you back Ashleigh! I'm sure the break was wonderful, and I hope everything is going alright with you in your personal life. :)

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  3. I can totally relate as I just came back from one too, I MISSED IT!

  4. You look beautiful as ever. Wish I was sitting there with you. When you see 'white feathers' on the shore, remember you are loved.

  5. I for one, am very excited to have you back...even if it's sporadic. I've missed your good eye and taste not to mention our hang outs. Once this belly goes down - we need a good shopping day! Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back, darling–so good to "see" you! Glad you enjoyed the time away–everyone needs a bit.

  7. Breaks are good, and I'm glad you are refreshed. But I'm also glad you're back I've missed your great (and real) posts. Welcome back!

  8. welcome back!

    Summer is spontaneous adventures, midnight swims, deep kisses, and rambling conversations


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