Haircut Horrors

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photo via Make Yeah

Well kittens, it's happened again. I'm officially cursed by the hair gods. No matter what I ask for or how many pictures I take it never turns out quite right. I think this is why I put off haircuts as long as I possibly can and get anxiety the day of. This time, long face framing layers turned into side swept bangs, ugh.... I wouldn't say it looks horrible (thankfully), but it's definitely not what I wanted. Not to mention my new wisps are absolutely annoying the heck out of me, falling in my eye every time I look down.  Which brings up several points:

1. Am I terrible at picking stylists? I took someones advice years ago and asked ladies who had great cuts for their recommendation. What else can I do??

2. Am I just too critical? Are my expectations too high?  I totally get that stylist aren't miracle workers, certain cuts don't work on certain hair, etc...But my problem is more definite like how a request for mid cheek swooped layers turns into eyebrow grazing chunks.

3. What is with the love/hate relationship with hair? Can't live with it, can't live without it. I like it long, but it seems boring and blah sometimes. Then I get scared to do anything with it for fear of another disaster. It's a vicious circle! Sure it's just hair, but I'm a little attached to it. After all, I nurtured it, conditioned it, cared for it every day. In a way it feels a little like an extension of me like a pinky toe or ear lobe.

Since most of you don't know me personally, it may be hard to answer those questions. I guess it was more of a venting tactic than seeking actual answers. Oh well, I feel a little better already. Still wishing I lived in Florida so this girl could be my stylist, she totally gets it. *sigh*

Have you had a haircut horror(s) or are you blessed with good hair karma??


  1. you are not alone in this! if i ask for a trim, i'm fine. it's when i want something more drastic that the problems arise. i always have TONS of pictures and yet that result never quite happens. sometimes i wonder if it's they made a mistake and THAT'S why they end up having to go shorter, lol.

    and as someone who also puts in a lot of effort/cares a lot about my hair, i know how frustrating this all can be!

    the good news? it grows back. and you get creative with your styling until it hits a length you can better handle. keeps us on our toes! hehe.

  2. I have horrible hair karma! Seriously, really really awful. My last haircut was an updated version of the bowl cut that I had to visit another salon to fix.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. happens to everyone!
    the only way i can think of to help you feel better is that well....
    i have really curly hair....and one time my stylist didn't get it quite right and cut my hair so short i looked like a five year old with a frizz free afro!
    and that was something i couldn't get fixed...i was stuck with it for months! :P

  4. oh no it's horrid when a hair cut isn't how hoped for... I only cope with it by having the same hairdresser for the last 10 years - and I still sometimes get shocker haircuts. hope it grows quickly...

  5. I think it's my hair that's the problem. It only falls a certain way and whenever I try anything new it just grows out to what it was before. Whatever, I say. I need a hair cut badly though. It's been a few months and my ends are seriously split. But like you, I get scared! I just need a trim though so I may just ask my main squeeze to do it for me since he knows how!

  6. Oh the hair gods.... we have a love hate relationship as well...
    Whatever I ask, I always end up with the side swipe bang.... haha

  7. i have yet to find a good stylist in sf. what always helps me cope with a bad cut is yelping about the experience!

  8. Oh boy. First off sorry for the bad haircut, that is never fun. I have had both haircuts that were so fab they made me feel like Heidi Klum (feel, not look) and I have had horrid cuts that could only be fixed with bobby pins, tears, a cocktail, and patience.

    I have found that in addition to photos it helps to point on ones body/head where you want things, and always use the pinching finger motion to say how much you want cut off, because sadly an inch to me is not always an inch to the stylist. Other than that the only other thing that helps is to always, very nicely, tell the stylist when your cut isn't exactly what you wanted. If they are a good stylist they will make an attempt to make you happy (if possible at that visit, if not at the next) and if they get the least bit huffy about it, don't go back.

    I'm so sorry you aren't happy with it, when it comes to appearance my hair is most closely connected to my mood so I really feel for you. I hope you can find a stylist that works for you soon, there is no better feeling than knowing you can go to that person and they will make you look good! Here's hoping for quick growth!!

  9. Gah, I've been there. My hair is embarrassingly important to me (I usually cry when I get a cut), and I absolutely hate when it's not when I want.

    My recommendation, especially when working with a new stylist, is to wear an outfit that represents you. I confess to occasionally going to the salon in my hippest outfit, only to come out with a haircut I can't rock on a regular basis.

    Always bring photos, and remember the best thing of grows back (thank God)!

  10. Gah, a bad haircut is just the worst!
    I am sooo glad I found my current hairdresser, she is just amazing and I have never been as happy as after I started going to her :)


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