A Jewel in the Rough

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hard to believe this pretty lady suffered so much. I've loved her since she made me ponder 'who will save your soul, if you won't save your own?' And I love her even more for being honest about her pain. Read more blog posts from Jewel here.

Favorite Jewel song - go!
I'll be first, Foolish Games. (Love her look in the video too!)


  1. I'm with you, I have always been an immense Jewel fan ~ I had her first album memorized, every song, word for word. Just love her~

    (So happy to meet another Chicago blogger!)


  2. Yay for Chicago bloggers!!
    There are so many great Jewel songs it was hard to pick a favorite, the 1st album was the best in my opinion, so poetic!

  3. Mine was Foolish Games too! I also love Hands. I watched her performance of 'Stay Here Forever' on the Lopez Tonight Show, it was a beautiful performance.

  4. Jewel's new album is GREAT! Love it! Plus the cover looks HOT ;-P


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