Happy Birthday Kenneth Cole!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Actually, belated birthday. He turned 56 yesterday. (Sorry, I'm a little behind on my celebrity birthday calendar.) KC is my favorite! In college, every fashion project, presentation, or business review we were assigned, I always used Kenneth Cole as my subject. I love his story and the positive way he uses his fame and company to do good for others.

If you like to read, I highly recommend his book, Footnotes. (It's also makes a striking coffee table statement!)

In the words of Kenneth, 'To be aware is more important that what you wear."

Here's a picture of my husband getting me an autographed t-shirt for Christmas a few years ago:

Thanks honey!


  1. And the T Shirt you are talking about it in the right bottom corner of the photo, just look at Kenneth Cole hand, this little white thing is the T he was holding for you! Love!

  2. Be still my heart <3
    Introducing my hubby everyone!


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