Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm on a reeeal Matryoshka Doll kick in 2010. I've always loved these adorable nesting nellies but recently you'd think my new years resolution was to expand my collection of them like a madwoman! Maybe it's because they're popping up more often these days, here are a few I'm super excited about:

The most modern, fantastic set of matryoshka dolls I've ever seen!
 A handmade card from my Etsy shop.
A flash drive - seriously.adorable.

Measuring cups from Anthropolgie.
Honey flavored vodka in the cutest bottle ever

I'm not into skate boarding but if I were this would be mine:

*update - I saw a Matryoshka necklace at Forever21 last weekend :( It's only a matter of time... {sigh}*

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