Traveling Alone

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sunset over SoHo

For the first 7 years of my marriage Alex and I traveled everywhere together. Leaving town meant a vacation, no matter how mini. However, when I took a new position last year and the work travel amped up I had to get used to traveling alone again. Not that it's a bad thing, just strange not to have my airplane seat mate/baggage handler/local beer critic nearby. The worst part is that I'm a sharer (if having a blog isn't proof of that...) so being by myself means keeping my adventures to myself, at least until we talk again. Luckily,  I'm completely content to wander a city, talk to strangers or eat in public alone (gasp!). I guess you could say, the only problem I have with traveling on the solo is how sad it makes me that the ones I love aren't along to share it all. The point of this post, well I guess there really isn't one. I'm in the Big Apple (all alone) and just felt like sharing. You were warned :)

How do you feel about traveling alone - is the mere thought dreadful or is it a welcome escape?

P.S. Couldn't resist a roof top shot from my hotel. The building on the right is the office I'm spending time at this week. How's that for a commute??


  1. What a beautiful picture. Every time I have to travel without my fiance I get a bit sad too. But it's mostly as you said that I get to have the adventures and no one to share them with!

  2. Traveling alone can be well...lonesome! I have to go to NYC for 4 days (4!!!!) in a couple weeks and while I am excited because I miss the's so much more fun to share it with someone else. Especially the food part!

  3. I've gotten pretty used to traveling alone - between conferences and research trips it's not unusual for me to be on my own in a strange place for anywhere from a weekend to 3 months - but I'm always relieved to be heading home at the end of it.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I worked for years in retail apparel and traveled ALOT. Having kids it is nice in the sense that I only had to get myself ready in the morning, could watch whatever I wanted on tv all night...but it does get lonely when you are used to sharing all of your time with someone else.
    Great post!!!

  5. I've never traveled on my own (except on a plane to see my friend in Vancouver, and then in Toronto) so I'm not sure what it feels like but I can imagine it would be lonely sometimes. But on the other hand you probably get to know yourself a little better and have time to yourself that you can take advantage of. Of course, I agree it would be better to share a new city with a loved one though...

  6. I travel a ton for work...maybe to a point where if I don't have a trip scheduled each month I start to get antsy. It took me awhile to get used to traveling alone and I still have yet to sleep comfortably in a bed by myself, but on all my trips I manage to keep myself busy catching up with friends/family to ensure I don't have time to think about how much I miss Matt and my dogs.

  7. first off, gorgeous photo! lucky girl!
    Traveling alone is not my favorite, especially because I'm horrible with directions and need someone to guide me. but, I like the idea of roaming the streets and taking it all in for yourself!
    enjoy your time in NYC!

  8. Interesting post - I've never really travelled by myself but it seems like it would be a good but of self discovery!


  9. It's funny, I've only traveled alone for super stressful stuff like auditions, and it's those times I know I couldn't share a hotel room with anyone else! But I can imagine that if you always had your sweetheart, it would be hard to suddenly start traveling without that built-in airplane pillow!

  10. I don't mind travelling by myself but it's definitely not what I would prefer to do for teh same reason as you - I like to share great experience with people. Things are just more fun with company.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  11. It's OK if I have to or if I've travelled that route before otherwise company while travelling is good

  12. Thanks for sharing. I have never traveled alone.

    You stay safe and enjoy your trip.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  13. Love that view!

    Like your style. x



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