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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gray Papier is up & running!

I'm more than estatic to announce the grand opening of Gray Papier! Featuring fine paper & stationery, Gray Papier offers beautiful products to cover all your paper needs.

I've personally selected a wonderful assortment of suppliers based on their stylish, quality product & incredible reputations within the paper industry.

As many of you know, I've been dabbling in custom cardmaking for a little while now on
Etsy. I plan to keep it open & updated so don't forget about it. Gray Papier is just another way to broaden my assortment & expand my clientele by offering products & services I couldn't provide as a one woman show ;)

This blog will be updated frequently so check back often for exciting news & special announcements. The website will be up & running soon!

Gray Papier is currently accepting Chicago based consultations. Please call or email for scheduling:


*Update - this post was on the original Gray Papier blog. Since it's a huge part of my life & I'm 'Little Girl Big World' I just left it.  I hope it's not confusing, I just merged the two into one....

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